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Despite Africa receiving 1 Trillion in aid, 60% of its population practicing agriculture, and an abundance of arable land, more Africans face hunger today than 10 years ago.

Africa does not lack capital or resources. It needs Changemakers.

To end hunger

We teach resilient agriculture

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To end poverty

We nurture entrepreneurship

Educator Teaching Student About Resilient Agriculture
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The four strategies

Through trial and error we settled on four strategies, and devised metrics to measure impact and guide our iterative decision making.

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Cause Autonomy:

We empower local changemakers providing training, resources and a global network. We are successful when they leverage lessons learned and go out to influence local farmers into adopting resilient agriculture.

We developed



Local changemakers trained




have continued to train farmers even without our direct support.

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Multiply Impact

To truly make a dent in the fight against hunger we cannot afford to grow incrementally. We must achieve exponential growth.


Each local changemaker goes out and teaches at least 20 farmers


Thereby our impact spread to 74 villages

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Engage The World

African changemakers are connected to coaches and experts all across the world to amplify their ability to solve local problems and build a global network. This is not a one way street. Coaches and experts have reported that volunteering has expanded their sense of global responsibility, and empathy.


of our changemakers have stayed connected with their mentors and instructors since 2018


of changemakers engage with their global counterparts on a monthly basis

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Continue Learning

Our process ensures we continue to learn because what worked yesterday may not work tomorrow. We inspect our progress by tracking key metrics and adapting our plans as we experiment and learn more.

We have piloted


initiatives, gathered data and continuously refined our strategies

As we learned more we have focused on just two, Changemaker development for Farming and for Entrepreneurship.

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